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From Granite to 3D Plastic: LATI3dlab brings the Varese Lion back to life

Learn how LATI3Dlab used 3D printing materials to create a faithful reproduction of one of the eight granite lion heads on the Bernascone bell tower in Varese. A technological project that involved 3D scanning, plastic granule production and large-scale 3D printing.

LATI3Dlab, LATI’s laboratory specialising in the formulation of materials for 3D printing, took on the challenge of creating a life-size replica of one of the granite lion heads on the Bernascone bell tower in Varese through 3D printing. The project involved several stages, from the initial 3D scanning by PSFACTORY, the selection of raw materials and production of the plastic granules by LATI, to the extrusion of the filament by Randaplast. Large-scale 3D printing made it possible to replicate the statue on a 1:1 scale, followed by a manual decorative intervention to imitate the original stone. The result is a technological masterpiece that was on display for a while in the Piazza Battistero in Varese, offering a unique perspective of the ninth guardian watching over the city.

Would you like to find out how LATI3Dlab can be a valuable partner for you and your company in your product development process? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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