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LATI3Dlab: materiali avanzati per stampa 3D
Materiali di stampa 3D

LATI3Dlab: advanced materials for 3D printing

LATI3Dlab is an R&D division of LATI S.p.A. set up with the specific aim of studying and developing "AM" materials for 3D printing from filament granule.
The division's team is composed of engineers, chemists, technicians and researchers in the field of materials. Created in 2019 within the R&D area of LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA, the LATI3Dlab focuses on the research of innovative technical thermoplastic materials designed for both filament printing and direct printing from granule.
The 'AM' materials developed by LATI's team of researchers are in fact made to meet all the typical requirements of 3D printing.
LATI3Dlab's AM materials are characterised by filament mechanical resistance, optimised melt strength, easy processability, dimensional stability, and good adhesion between layers and to the print surface.
LATI3Dlab works on various developments, producing new technical materials for functional industrial applications every day, without forgetting the challenges of the Maker world.

Do you want to involve us in a challenging project? Do not hesitate to contact us!


3D Printing Experts

The LATI3Dlab team is a multidisciplinary group of passionate researchers, experienced materials engineers and professional moulding experts, all united by a common passion for 3D printing technology. Challenge our skills and knowledge!

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