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3D printed mechanical parts: the collaboration between LATI3Dlab and Finnotech

LATI, with over seventy years of experience in engineering polymers, stands out in the creation of advanced materials for 3D printing thanks to the LATI3Dlab laboratory. In collaboration with Finnotech Sp. z o.o., LATAMID 12 AM H2 K/05 has established itself as a successful choice for the production of high performance mechanical parts, confirming the evolution and versatility of 3D printing materials in the Additive Manufacturing sector.

Materials for 3D printing using FFF technology are undergoing a rapid evolution into functional products designed to confer specific technical properties to printed objects. LATI3Dlab, LATI’s in-house laboratory, has capitalised on over seventy years of experience in technical technopolymers to develop materials for 3D printing, known as ‘AM’ (Additive Manufacturing). In our portfolio, there are around thirty AM compounds, which go beyond traditional resins such as PLA, PETg or ABS, including PP, PA, sulfonates and, recently, modified PEEK and PPS.

Finnotech Sp. z o.o., a Polish company specialising in the production of special filaments for 3D printing, has chosen our LATAMID 12 AM H2 K/05 for the creation of structural parts with high mechanical performance. This specific grade is based on a thermally stable polyamide formulation designed to minimise moisture absorption and ensure optimal processability during filament extrusion and print deposition. The long carbon fibre it contains has been engineered to provide excellent mechanical properties and maximum resilience.

LATAMID 12 AM H2 K/05 was selected by Finnotech Sp. z o.o. for the manufacture, using the FFF technique, of supports for a motor installed in a new electric skateboard model. The project requirements included primary mechanical strength and the ability to handle the stress imposed by the electric motor on the belt drive. Careful choice of infill rates and deposition orientation ensured sufficient performance to support the mechanical stresses and overall weight without deformation or creep failure.

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