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Technical plastics for 3D printing

Technical thermoplastic compounds optimised for FFF/FDM and FGF 3D printing technology by LATI3Dlab, an R&D division of LATI S.p.A.

Materiali plastici tecnici per stampa 3D

Know-how and expertise for additive manufacturing

Materials specifically for FFF and FGF

The AM products in the LATI3Dlab range are specifically designed to meet the converting, processing and deposition needs required in filament printing (FFF) and direct from granule (FGF).
Extensive experience in industrial applications

The experience of almost eighty years of applications in industry allows us to suggest the correct material from design specifications in accordance with any approvals required by the application area.
An extensive range of special materials for 3D
LATI3Dlab offers one of the largest range of thermoplastic materials in Europe, with an ever-expanding product portfolio that stands out for the large number of base resins, reinforcements and functional properties.
Tailor made

Thanks to its experience in the development of compounds for technical applications, LATI3Dlab can develop materials to match your specific project requirements.

The most popular AM granules

  • LATAMID 12 AM H2 K/15

    PA12 (Polyamide 12) carbon fibre reinforced | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Structural | Antistatic | Low moisture absorption | Chemically resistant

  • LATENE EP 3 AM K/20

    PP (Polypropylene) carbon-fibre reinforced | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Structural | Antistatic | Non-hygroscopic | Chemically resistant | Low temperature resistant

  • LATER G AM K/10

    PETg (polyethylene terephthalate-glycol) carbon-fibre reinforced | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Structural | Antistatic


    PETg (polyethylene terephthalate-glycol) with improved heat resistance | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Colourable

  • LATIBLEND 7587 AM K/10

    Carbon fibre reinforced PC/PBT (Polycarbonate/Polybutylene terephthalate) blend | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Structural | Antistatic


    PLA (Polylactic Acid) standard 100% biobased | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | Good transparency | Colourable


    PLA (polylactic acid) biobased with mineral fillers | Compound for FFF and FGF 3D printing | UV- and hydrolysis-stabilised | Aesthetic and colourable | Improved heat resistance after annealing

  • LATILUB 35 AM Y/05

    ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) with aramid fibre additive | FFF 3D printing compound | Self-lubricating


In the world of AM we have no doubts.

Answers to your questions about innovative 3D printing materials from LATI3Dlab


What they say about us

We have been working with LATI3Dlab for several years. They are always available to prepare the right granule formulation for our customers’ needs. We can also count on their full support in the implementation process at our customers and in the challenges that sometimes arise during production. Together we look for a solution to ensure that the products meet the highest quality standards.

Mattia Angeletti


LATI3Dlab offers impeccable support and high-quality 3D printing materials. We are extremely satisfied with their partnership.

Mattia Ciurnelli


For our research and development projects, we need not only to identify the right material, but often to ‘build’ a specific material and characterise it in depth. With this in mind, we found in LATI3Dlab exactly what we really needed: not just a supplier, but a truly competent, open, proactive and reliable research partner.

Andrea Tagliaferri


Over the years, Lati3DLab has always been our point of reference for research, testing and development of technopolymers for 3D printing.

Elena Pierri

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