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3D Printing and Motorcycles: Mr Martini triumphs with LATI3Dlab and Fabula 3D

Michelangelo Agostinetto, with the support of Fabula 3D and LATI3Dlab, revolutionises 3D printing for motorbikes. The result? Tough, mouldable parts that challenge the characteristics of materials with innovation and creativity.

In 2021, Michelangelo Agostinetto won the challenge of 3D printing motorbike body parts thanks to the collaboration between Fabula 3D and LATI3Dlab. Initially, he encountered difficulties with the strength and workability of the materials during the prototyping phase. This is where Fabula 3D and LATI3Dlab came in: Marco Ardesi a printing consultant, LATI3Dlab a supplier of carbon fibre reinforced filaments. Tests involved parameters such as aesthetic finish, shape memory, heat resistance and flexural strength. Materials such as LATAMID 12 AM H2 K/15 and LATER G HT AM K/10 proved suitable, allowing hot deformation without compromising strength and cohesion. Mr Martini’s team has already implemented these components in two motorbikes, opening up new creative horizons in the world of vehicle customisation thanks to LATI3Dlab’s material innovations.

Interested in learning how LATI3Dlab can contribute to the success of your product and your company? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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