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Unique Design with Recycled Material: collaboration between LATI3Dlab, Gimac, and Vudafieri

Discover the ecological lamps created by LATI3Dlab, Gimac, and Vudafieri with strictly recycled materials. A combination of Italian design, advanced 3D printing and environmental sustainability.

LATI3Dlab, Gimac, and Vudafieri Saverino Partners present a new masterpiece of sustainable design. Following the success of the Wilhelm Lamp in 2019, made of transparent polycarbonate from recycled material, the creative trio now proposes a set of lamps at Paradiso Cannes and Paradiso Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

The star material is LATIECO 87 MR AM, mechanically recycled polycarbonate, selected and optimised by LATI3Dlab. Gimac’s additive technology, known as Robotic Additive Moulding (RAM), gives shape to geometries inspired by veils and flames moved by the wind, impossible to achieve with injection-moulded plastics. This 6-axis process preserves the chemical and physical properties of the material, allowing for bold design evolutions.

The resulting lamps are light, colourful, transparent and elegant, demonstrating the flexibility of the production method and taste inspired by Italian design. In addition to aesthetics, environmental sustainability is at the heart of this creation, demonstrating how it is possible to combine the innovation of 3D printing, materials expertise, and ecological vision with the utmost respect for the environment.

If you are ready to turn your ideas into reality through advanced 3D printing materials, we are here to guide you. Contact us and start your journey towards creating extraordinary products!

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